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Gray Day in Zurich

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Anonymous asked:
What's it like being an adult


"should i buy a news paper? i have the cnn app? does that count? should i buy a coffee maker? it will probably save me a lot of money? but then i have to buy coffee beans? i dont know shit about coffee beans! should i act like i’m reading this bottle of wine for a few minutes before i head straight to the discount vodka section? should i go to the supermarket and buy broccoli? i fucking hate broccoli did i just get invited to a fucking dinner party .. …what do you bring to a dinner party???? TAX SEASON SHOTS FOR EVERYONE! wakes up staring at a ceiling that is not my own ..did i just burn toast? how did i make it this far in life without fucking DYIGN i’m so DUMB and sTUPD and i cant do anyhtign  right.. yeah hey mom yeah i’m fine how are you" 

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sketches for a thing


sketches for a thing

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